The King Is Dead: In Print!

Boxed sets of The King Is Dead are available now!

The Basic Boxed Set (booklets only):

The Boxed Set plus Custom Decks:

Available now, right here, while they last!

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Will these printed versions ever be available again?

Hey, does the print version come with a copy of the PDF version? Asking as a big fan of these sorts of games & other pieces of your work you've done, but who doesn't own a PDF of it yet & has at least one online group who'd  probably be interested in playing. :)

It does!

exciting! what are the dimensions of the full box, and what does it weigh? i'm debating shipping it to someone who will be visiting soon and i want to know how much of an imposition it might be in their luggage!

Awesome! It's about 9" x 6" x 2". The version with all the custom decks weighs a pound and a half.