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The year is SC 0245.

Humanity has spread through the Milky way, using interstellar transit gate technology to colonize the galaxy. Mobile frames are the hard-working, hard-fighting combat- and labor mecha they’ve brought with them.

You are romantic ace mobile frame pilots, caught up in an undeclared war for the future of the Bantral system.

Fight with your friends. Ally with your rivals. Fall in love with your enemies.

MOBILE FRAME ZERO: FIREBRANDS is a roleplaying party game by Meguey Baker & D. Vincent Baker, set in Joshua A.C. Newman’s MOBILE FRAME ZERO universe. You don’t need to be familiar with MF0: RAPID ATTACK or MF0: INTERCEPT ORBIT to play.

To play, you’ll need 3–5 players, a copy of the playbook for each, and a handful of coins.

Download the "spreads" file for easiest home printing. Download the "1up" and "cover" files for booklet / zine printing.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorMeguey & Vincent Baker, et al
TagsMechs, Multiplayer, Romance, Sci-fi, War


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Can I add to the Community Copies by adding extra for the cost of another copy?


Yes, and that is really awesome of you, thank you.


Firebrands is one of my favorite RPG's of all time, and a paragon of game design. Each and every minigame is a lesson on mechanized storytelling. This is one of the best GM-less games around, don't miss out!


MF0: Firebrands is a painfully gorgeous masterwork of well-balanced minigames and storytelling mechanics that lend themselves perfectly to letting the player group tell any number of stories about relationships that feel real—an intricate tangle of emotional and political complications.

You'll play your way through trying to further your cause while clashing with your enemies, competing with your rivals, and kissing your friends. Except maybe those friends you're kissing started out as your enemies, and maybe the people you initially thought were your friends turned out not to be. Maybe your rivals always hoped to work together, or maybe they'd sell you out for a day's extra pay.

It's a fantastic game: worth playing again and again just to see how many ways everything can turn out when mixed up together under pressure.