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Had a look over the parts I'm allowed to read and I'm very happy with this purchase. A few notes:

In "the Barbarian's Bloody Quest" the Qualities listed on the character sheet have the wrong names.

On page 4 of "The Thief" there is a paragraph that begins, "As play begins, you can perform five theives' & performers' sleights:" and aside from the misspelling, there are only 4 sleights listed. "A sudden act of violence" isn't discussed, though perhaps it's self-explanatory.

I thought I'd corrected those! I'll upload corrected versions when I get a chance. Thank you!


I've been reading through and I like what I see! I can't wait to play it!

Just to note, it doesn't seem to specify anywhere what die to use, except a mention in passing of "a 6-sided die" on the Volunteer's Guide.

Oops! Yes, a 6-sided die.